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SolarStorm 800W LED Grow Light Exhaust System Set-Up

Jan 26, 2014

SolarStorm 800W Exhaust SystemSolarStorm 800W Can Build Heat In Small Grow Room

If you have a small grow room or tent, but still want the harvest provided from a high wattage LED Grow Light, you can control the heat in your growing area to make yourself and your plants happy with the results.

A customer, currently using a SolarStorm 800W LED grow light by California Lightworks, has a 4×4 grow tent. He started growing with T5 fluorescent fixtures, which were great for seeds and vegetation, but failed miserably when it came to the yield that he needed to receive from his plants.

He purchased the 800 Watt SolarStorm, then discovered that the heat build-up from the SolarStorm’s fan, keeping the 5 Watt LED bulbs and fixture cool, was too much for his small space. He decided that instead of giving up the faster growth and yield the 800W LED light would give him, he would figure out a way to pull the heat directly off of the SolarStorm fan and vent it out of his grow tent.

Now, you might wonder how a LED plant light would build up such an amount of heat, when everyone always says that LED Lights don’t product heat. To clarify, LED Bulbs do not create heat, and are cool enough to touch when lit. What is creating the heat is the power source to run 800 big watts of LED lights, and the heat sink, or fans, to cool the power source. 800 Watts of anything is a lot of power, and a lot of power is going to create heat.

Back to the customer and his Solarstorm 800w LED grow light exhaust system set-up. When there’s a Will, there’s a Way! The pictures below outline exactly how he accomplished removing the heat from the source. He even took a picture of the exact parts he used to make construction very easy for other 400W and 800W SolarStorm grow light users:

880W Solar Storm LED Installation


SolarStorm 880W LED Grow Light In Tent


Completed Exhaust System for SolarStorm 800W LED Grow Lights


Exhaust System Installed on Heat Sink of SolarStorm 800W LED Grow Light


Exhaust System Duct Work for SolarStorm LED Lights


SolarStorm Exhaust System Ductwork for Small Grow Tents

Customers are exceptionally helpful. He had a problem, solved the problem, and passed his knowledge on to benefit other customers using the 400W or SolarStorm 800W LED grow light for their plants.

Have you come up with your own solutions? Share your ideas with your fellow growers and help small spaces be a better place for growing plants.

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