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Hydroponic Inline UV Ozone Generators for Plant Odor Control

Jun 17, 2009

12″ Big Blue UV Ozone Generator

Odor Control in a confined Hydroponic grow room or growing area can be a very big issue to deal with, depending on the types of Hydroponic plants being grown. Even though we all attempt to keep the Hydroponic grow room as clean as possible to prevent mold and mildew, reservoirs and Hydroponic plants can produce enough odor to become overpowering.

What I have found that works very well is the Big Blue Inline UV Ozone Generator, which is available in 4″ to 12″ sizes, small enough for the Hydroponic hobby gardener, yet powerful and effective for the commercial gardener.

The Big Blue UV Ozone Generator is:

  • easy to install right into your exhaust ducting, with no fuss afterward
  • comes in 4″ to 12″ x 20″ long sizes; the 4″ is perfect for a 465 cfm squirrel cage fan, while the 10″ covers 1500 square feet and the 12″ is ideal for a 1200 cfm fan, so there is a size for everyone
  • made from corrosion resistant stainless steel, so humidity will not bother it, and we all know how humid an indoor grow room can get
  • does not just mask odors, it uses germicidal UV-C lamps to destroy the odor molecules. The lamps are easy to replace, and are effective for 14-18 months using continuously
  • reasonably priced for the complete job that it does

Try one of these Big Blue Ozone Generator Ozonator units in your Hydroponic grow room, and see if it solves the Hydroponic grow room plant odor problems for you also.

Ready to purchase your Big Blue Inline Ozone Generator? Visit us at Natures Hydroponics. We have FREE SHIPPING on all sizes of Big Blue!

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